Teng Diana F+ Custom

For those who don’t know, Teng and I grew up in Riverdale.  I was the only Cambodian designer at SCAD’s undergrad, until Teng followed along. We have two for Cambodia now.  One of my goals is to encourage Cambodians, Laotians, and Vietnamese to pursue the visual arts and use design as a platform to express our cultural values and artistic prowess, after being surpressed from the Khmer Rouge for so long… and now I’m the only Cambodian designer at SVA’s grad program.

Teng has always been a great inspiration to me, as we inspire eachother to continue to do great things in the arts, and to let our community know that dreams extend beyond the sky.

Anyhow, with Teng’s busy work process, I decided to repackage a Diana F+ camera for him, to make photography more fun and analog again.  I hope he likes it!


November 10, 2011